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Here are our ideas on building our Economy

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We are at the early stage of developing our tokenisation of both a utility token and our NFTs, this page lays out the key areas we are considering. We are also in discussions about adopting a 'DAO' (Decentalised Autonomus Organisation), if this structure is adopted then we intend to engage our growing community in deciding, and adjusting, the tokenisation with the aim of long term stability and sustainability.

For the last 2 years most of the financing of development of 'The CardanoVerse' and prior to this the 2 year development of 'Cardano Hubs' (Previously called 'Cardano Community Hubs) has been self-financed, about 5% was funded by Cardano's 'Project Catalyst'.

At this initial stage we need to consider raising funds to take our initial work and investment to the next stages of development, building our international multi-lingual community and establishing a robust management system covering administration, product development and sales marketing.

'Refer to Earn' Our unique growth driver

We have established a unique system in the digital industry called 'Refer to Earn', this allows our community to earn digital currency and digital assets simply by referring new people to our Browser based 3D Metaverse Portals (3DWEB3). Commissions will be paid on 4 tiers and will total 35% of our income if payments are made on all tiers, this is efficient because commissions are only paid against actual sales and through the network effect reduce our sales and marketing costs.

We see this as very democratic and the ultimate 'Shareing Economy', in this way we can help people succeed in developing projects or even providing alternative source of lifestyle income. Due to us employing 'Refer to Earn' the balance of our tokenomics will focus on the remaining 65% of future income.

Key areas to consider in designing our tokenisation

When tokenizing digital currencies and NFTs in a project like a metaverse or blockchain game, a well-planned distribution of income or revenue is crucial for sustainable development, incentivising stakeholders, and ensuring the long-term viability of the ecosystem. Here’s a list of typical categories to which you can assign a percentage of income from such ventures:

1. Development Fund

  • Purpose: To cover ongoing development costs, including software updates, new features, bug fixes, and expansion of the platform.
  • Typical Allocation: 20-30%

2. Marketing and Community Engagement

  • Purpose: For advertising, promotional events, community building activities, and user acquisition campaigns.
  • Typical Allocation: 10-20%

3. Operations and Administration

  • Purpose: To manage daily operations, legal fees, compliance, customer support, and administrative staff.
  • Typical Allocation: 10-15%

4. Security and Infrastructure

  • Purpose: To ensure the security of the platform through audits, upgrades to infrastructure, and implementation of advanced security measures.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-10%

5. Founder and Team Incentives

  • Purpose: To compensate founders and team members, often through salary, bonuses, or token allocations, which may be vested over time to align long-term interests.
  • Typical Allocation: 10-20%

6. Reserve Fund

  • Purpose: To have a buffer to address unforeseen expenses or to provide liquidity during market downturns.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-10%

7. Stakeholder Dividends

  • Purpose: To distribute profits back to token holders or NFT owners, possibly through dividends or token buybacks.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-15%

8. Research and Innovation

  • Purpose: For research into new technologies, exploration of new market opportunities, and innovation within the existing platform.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-10%

9. Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Purpose: To fund joint ventures, collaborations, and partnerships that can bring new capabilities or market access to the platform.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-10%

10. Community Grants and Rewards

  • Purpose: To fund grants for community projects, reward systems for user contributions, and incentives for user-generated content.
  • Typical Allocation: 5-10%

11. Charitable Donations or Social Impact Initiatives

  • Purpose: To support charitable causes or social impact projects aligned with the values and goals of the community.
  • Typical Allocation: 1-5%

These percentages are indicative and can vary based on the specific goals, scale, and stage of development of our project. Adjustments may be necessary as the project evolves and in response to market conditions and stakeholder feedback. Effective management of these funds will also require transparent reporting and governance to maintain trust and support from our community and investors.

Contact Us

Please send all queries and feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Thank you!


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