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The CardanoVerse Story

Between 2007 and 2009 there were several times the world's banking system came close to complete collapse, except for shady & secret back room deals by the Governments & Banks, it would have happened!

The financial system is still broken!

The CardanoVerse is situated in a world where traditional currencies have totally failed, due to the historical mismanagement by the financial industries, and, the central governments – therefore there is an opportunity to rebuild the financial system and governance that is fair and decentralised.

This provides you with many opportunities to succeed!

We have developed multiple areas of "Central City" in The CardanoVerse, each area is designed to represent a part of the Cardano Ecosystem. We are creating experiences & education so people can become very comfortable with the Cardano Community, Ecosystem & Economy and the benefits they can bring to us all.

Virtual Entertainment and multiple gaming genres are also incorporated, so that The CardanoVerse is both valuable and fun!

Even better news! we will be creating multiple opportunities for you to earn digital currencies and CNFTs when you carry out valuable roles, tasks and achieve  goals in our virtual world.

Welcome to SEATs NFTs in the The CardanoVerse MetaBOWL Stadium

The First CNFTs we are minting in The CardanoVerse are called "SEATS" NFTs, these seats are in our MetaBOWL Stadium. Each SEAT is like a mini-events business because you will share in all of our profitable events giving you a return on your investment.

Below are some initial SEATS NFTs, we will be creating a wide variety of styles.


There are 12 initial "SEATS" NFTs, each represents a seat in the stadium & is your mini Events Business.
Every SEATS NFT gives you various benefits, bonuses & rewards. Click Here to Visit The Marketplace.




The MetaBOWL

The MetaBOWL Stadium, inside The CardanoVerse, has more than 63,000 Seats, there are 4 Lower Tiers and 4 Upper Tiers.

Behind the seating tiers are 8 floors containing multiple activities, gaming and other entertainments.

There are 16 Double Stands, 12 Single Stands & 4 Corner Stands. Each side has a name & a colour: Byron (Gold), Basho (Red), Shelley (Green) & Goguen (Blue).

Click Here to Learn More.

The CardanoVerse - A Cardano Metaverse. A Metaverse & 3D virtual world demonstrating the size, activity & utility of the Cardano Ecosystem.

The CardanoVerse is dedicated to growing the Cardano Blockchain, Ecosystem & Economy using learning, demonstrations, experiments, exhibitions & showing the Smart City concept in action, while including fun gaming & entertainment.


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The CardanoVerse Virtual World

Our metaverse will also be aligned with the activities of CardanoHubs.com. To incorporate the entire Ecosystem we will create specific areas for each major continent.

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